Biographical Statement

I was born in Detroit, Michigan when it was a thriving metropolis and Motown ruled the airwaves. I have enjoyed an adventurous career that has included teaching visual art to all age levels; being an arts administrator, exhibitions curator, and events manager; overseeing diverse programs for communities and schools; and working in retail marketing and banking. I have lived in Michigan, Florida, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, Washington State, and New Mexico, and love both the water and mountains.

I now get to pursue my passion for making art. I love to travel, read, hike, sing, dance, learn new skills, and spend time with friends and family. I am inspired by new combinations of words that form an idea for an artwork, by random encounters with unique art forms, and by meaningful conversations with strangers. I fall in love with others’ ideas and have aesthetic moments at least a dozen times a day!

Artist Statement

Often, I think in mandalas and fans, enjoying both the symmetry and meditative aspects of round, repetitive motifs. These designs are present in numerous cultures; my influences are from Buddhist and Celtic earth-based paths. My artwork takes the form of art quilts, drawings, and mixed-media collages. I favor graceful curvilinear lines and shapes, and fine detail. My commitment is to use my artistic skills to explore the natural world and human experience. Each piece of artwork has at its core a message and story about women, beauty, the environment, social justice issues, or humanitarian concerns.

I intend to do my part to improve the world through sharing the abundance of my sales, supporting the causes and organizations in which I believe. When an original artwork is sold, I donate 20% of the net proceeds to the organization(s) that inspired the work, or whose story is told in the work. Favorite non-profits include Amnesty International, Care’s Women’s Empowerment Programs, The Climate Reality Project, Heifer International, Honor the Earth, Human Rights Watch, The Ocean Conservancy, Save the Bees, Shambhala Mountain Center, Sravasti Abbey, Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, and the World Wildlife Fund.

Purchasing Artwork

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