Boot Camp

Design B.O.O.T. Camp (Bring Out Our Talent – A Hands-On, Two-Day Workshop)

This class is a playful yet serious exploration of drawing, the elements of art, the principles of design, and good composition for your artwork in any medium, process, or technique. No prior experience is required. This workshop is meant to stretch your creative envelope and build your design sense in a happy, supportive environment. Please email me on the Contact page to schedule this workshop.

Morning/Day 1 (9:00-noon)

  • Introductions/Overview; Housekeeping
  • Needs Assessment
  • Creative Problem Solving; Brainstorming
  • Drawing is Your (New?) Best Friend!
  • The Genres and Themes of Art; Realism/Abstraction/Non-Objectivity/Conceptual Art; Visual Stories
  • How to Deconstruct Complex Objects and Figures Using Geometric Shapes and Gesture Drawing
  • Drawing with Blind Contour, Contour, and Interior Contour
  • Thumbnail Sketches and Mind Maps; Exploring Options
  • Applied Practice

Afternoon/Day 1 (1:00-4:00)

The Elements of Art (Our Basic Building Blocks)

  • The Elegance of Dot, Line and Edge
  • The Interaction of Shape and Form; Proportion and Scale
  • The Dynamics of Color and Value
  • The Richness of Texture and Pattern

The Principles of Design/Composition (How We Organize the Building Blocks)

  • Basic Conventions: The Rule of Thirds; Small/Medium/Large Components for Visual Interest
  • The Balancing Act of Asymmetry, Symmetry, and Radial Symmetry
  • The Excitement of Variety and Contrast
  • The Impact of Focal Point and Emphasis
  • The Necessity for Unity and Harmony
  • Applied Practice

Morning/Day 2 (9:00-noon)

  • Creating Illusions of 3D Space on a 2D Surface
  • Light Source; Highlights; Shading; Cast Shadows
  • Shading with Gesture/Hatching/Cross-Hatching/Blending/Pointillism or Stippling
  • Atmospheric vs. Linear Perspective
  • Applied Practice

Afternoon/Day 2 (1:00-4:00)

Applied Practice

Show and Tell

Outcomes/Information You Will Take Away from this Workshop:

  • Lots of empowerment about your own creativity, drawing and design abilities!
  • Ideas and sketches for artwork that the world has never before seen!

Things for Participants to Bring to Class:

  • An open mind and a passion for making art!
  • Your own expertise! Share your wisdom!
  • A sketchbook (size 9×12″ or larger)
  • A variety of drawing materials: pencils (graphite and colored), markers, crayons, oil pastels
  • Tools: ruler, compass, protractor, scrapbook papers, scissors/craft knife, cutting mat, fabric and paper scraps, glue
  • A digital camera or a camera on your phone

Instructor’s Needs:

  • White board or large post-it sheets for the walls (for drawing demonstrations)
  • A projector with computer cable, computer, and projection screen

Revised August 2019